Native Orchids of the Sydney Region

Presently there are a lot of interesting orchids blooming. Below is a photo of three different orchids. (I absolutely struggled to composite these into one photo and I will certainly need to learn an easier method than the one i used). Regardless these three orchids in order left to right are The Hooded Orchid Cryptostylis erecta, Large Duck Orchid Caleana major, and the large tongue or dragon orchid Cryptostylis subulata. These are some of my favourite orchids. These specimens were found at Turramurra and Crosslands. Both types of orchids use psuedo-copulation as their method of pollination, the Caleana with male saw flies and the Cryptostylis with male wasps.


All photos were taken with the a 30d, 180mm around f8.1 from memory.


~ by adamrose on November 17, 2008.

One Response to “Native Orchids of the Sydney Region”

  1. I love the middle shot Adam! Would put all 3 photo’s in a frame and hang in on my wall. Well done! Kris

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