More flowers

I was lucky enough to be taken on a walk through the Eastern part of Ku-Ring-Gai NP with a friend and coworker of mine last week. The main aim was to find another native orchid that flowers at this time. We achieved that aim (my knowledgable coworker knew exactly where it was). Here are some photos of three interesting flowers. Two of them I am having trouble IDing but will edit this post once I have. The first of the three photos is the Snake Orchid Symbidium sauve. The snake orchid is an epiphytic orchid that is pollinated by native bees. They typically grow in Eucalypts and the roots penetrate deep into rotting parts of the tree. The three photos were taken with the 30D and 180mm at approx f11 from memory. And for anyone who cares I have found an easier way of stitching together the photos.



~ by adamrose on November 28, 2008.

One Response to “More flowers”

  1. Yet again the middle shot!!
    Going to have to buy that one too 🙂

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