Mt Banks

I have finally made it out to photograph some things for personal interest. Last weekend my fiancee and myself spent half a day at the Blue Mountains. I much prefer the Bell’s Line of Road side of the Blue Mountains. I feel everything is much less commercial and its lots quieter. Whilst it may not have some of the massive canyons that Katoomba has, it is still breath taking its own way. The first photo is taken off the trail that leads to Mount Banks, from the carpark. It aims to shows off the brilliant lighting we had that day. This was taken with the 1ds, 17-40 (@ 20mm), f11, 1/160, hand held. I still might later play with it some more,  but for now I like

The reason for many of my trips to Mt Banks is that I’m often able to find Mountain Heath Dragons Rankinia diemensis. They are a magnificently coloured and patterned little dragon. They grow to a maximum of 82mm (snout to vent. Approx 150mm snout to tail.)  This is fairly small for a dragon, and gives you some idea of how close the below shot was taken. Of the Rankinia group of lizard this is actually by far the largest of the three. Mountain Heath Dragons are the most Southerly found dragon in world as they are found in North and Eastern Tasmania. They are also critically endangered in parts of their habitat such as Anglesea (Vic). This shot was taken at near 1:1 macro using the 30d, 180mm macro, diffused fill flash, f8, ISO 400.

Mountain Heath Dragon

Mountain Heath Dragon

Other photography news is that I shot a wedding yesterday. It was a beautiful day and I will post some photos of Shannon and Laura’s special day. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.


~ by adamrose on January 7, 2009.

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