More of Mount Banks

Thought Id post another shot or two that I was happy with from Mount Banks. I haven’t really had much time to sort through them, as I’ve been working through the wedding shots. These were two landscapes that I thought looked nice. Whilst we were there clouds were rocketing past. Whilst they look fairly cool, it was actually really hot. As you can see there is no shelter (at least for something larger than the Mountain Heath Dragons). Patchyclouds is my favourite weather for photography. The clouds block the sun and allow for the scattered lighting. The first shot looks out towards Mount Banks, the second looks down over the valley, from half way up Mount Banks (in fact from the area which is lit in the first shot). These were both taken with the 1ds and 17-40.828v6241-small2


828v6249-small1As promised earlier this is a native orchid that is currently blooming. This is a type of Hyacinth Orchid (Dipodium sp.) that to my research hasn’t been identified (at least til the publishing date of my books). From previous talks I’ve had it seems that the Dipodium family is yet to be studied in much depth and many more subspecies exist (this is further supported in the book “Field Guide to Native Plants of Sydney” by Les Robertson). Dipodium orchids blooms from December to April and stands out starkly from their surroundings. This patch of orchids was found near Mount York and is the only patch Ive seen with curled petals. Other plants in the patch had similar petals and this was the same as last year. As far as photographic information this was taken on a 350D, 60mm using fill flash, approx f8. I normally don’t like doing much editing to flower or wildlife shots as I prefer them to be as close to natural as possible. I felt this particular photo needed to be changed to direct the focus to the flower and with this particular species some of the identifying charactoristics.img_4726-small2


~ by adamrose on January 15, 2009.

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