Long Reef Plateau

I have been back to Long Reef Plateau a couple of times recently. I will actually be working on the plateau fairly regularly for the coming 3 months and was essentially doing some homework. The past week has seen the coming and going of the king tides.  Whilst a “king tide” is not the scientific name, the term typically refers to a tide well above or below normal height. This is caused by varying alignments of the sun and moon with earth. A king tide usually occurs twice a year, once in summer, once in winter. The winter one most often occurs at night and therefore goes unnoticed. This information was found on the QLD Goverment webpage. The benefit of this to myself was that it left lots more creatures exposed than normal, offering onlookers the chance to find some really interesting animals. We found many fantastic things that day, but my job was more to do the searching rather than the photography. We found creatures such as collector crabs, bristle stars, nudibranchs, sea hares, feather stars, an eel and 3 octopi. Below if a photo of myself holding an octopus. _mg_7954-small5

To my knowledge this octupus is a member of the Octopus tetricus family. The common sydney or gloomy octopus can reach a size of 80cm. Their undersides are rust coloured and they have the ability to change the colour of their skin to match their surroundings. They are an amazingly beautiful creature and one worthy of many photos in the future. They have some absolutely striking features such as their eyes. Octopi are a predatory animal and use a sharp beak (which decided to bite me) to prey on crabs, snails and many other creatures found on the tidal platform. They often build up a shelter by hiding under a rock and covering the entrance with smaller pebbles. Thank you to Jenny for helping me find and catch my first octopus, and thank you to my lovely fiancee and patient mother for joining me on one of these adventures and taking the above photo.  (Picture above was taken with the 30d, 60mm macro)

The final picture is another landscape shot. Again from Long Reef Plateau. The weather has been a combination of hot mornings and afternoon storms. This picture is late afternoon with the clouds rolling in. My aim when composing this shot was to have a simple shot that conveyed the incoming weather and ocean. This was taken using the 1ds, 17-40, nd400, remote release, MLU. Hope you enjoy. Ps. Had a great time shooting with you mum, shame you forgot your snorkling gear!828v6865-small1

On Sunday I should be going on a shooting trip down the South Coast of Sydney and hopefully visiting some fantastic destinations. I’ll post shots as soon as they are processed.


~ by adamrose on January 16, 2009.

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