More from Minnamurra

I have had a shocker with the blogsite tonight so this post will be shorter than planned.

I have another photo from Minnamurra to post. This shot was taken looking North from the previous shot. The island is a rocky outcrop approximately 200m from the shores of Minnamurra Beach called Stack Island. I have being trying to find out more information regarding the rock type and formations of the Minnamurra and Kiama region, and whilst I can have read many times that one of Kiama and its regions main attractions is the rock formations I am struggling to find much more. What I have found out is that the majority of the rock around Kiama is called Latite, and is very similar to basalt. Latite is a volcanic rock, but that is about all I have found that I understand as much of the information is aimed at an audience with much more knowledge in geology than myself. I will keep searching.


This photo is taken with the 1ds, 17-40 (19mm) f13, 1/20 sec.

I may add more to this post at a later date, but for now I’ve had enough.


~ by adamrose on January 23, 2009.

One Response to “More from Minnamurra”

  1. haha the boof head gave you up…
    never knew you were this artistic… good job adam!
    very inspirational/educatinal
    seriously these photos are amazing.bec

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