Kiama and Jervis Bay

These are the final posts from my trip South. From Minnamurra we headed South to Cathedral Rocks on the southern side of Kiama. Unfortunately my shots from here weren’t spectacular at all. It is an amazing place and is certainly worth another visit, perhaps a little earlier than the previous.

One of the things that amazes me most about the South Coast is the water clarity and colour. Many of the photos Ive seen of the area have looked overly processed and so do mine. Realistically, the place is just beautiful. The water ranges from aqua to deep blues. It was the colour and clarity that have spurred todays trip to snorkle the area. For the following pictures black and white certainly didnt capture the majesty of the area, at least mine didn’t. The first picture is a very simple picture. I like it because it shows of just how pretty the water is, it also reminded me of a blue sky with clouds over a mountain range. This was taken at Cathedral Rocks with the 1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/160.


The next picture is of an amazing little beach in Booderee NP. Again whilst it is a fairly simple photo it shows off some of the amazing colours found along this water way. I am unsure of the name of this beach and will hopefully find out tomorrow as this is one of the places we plan to snorkle. This was taken with the 1ds, 17-40 (20mm), f7.1, 1/500.


We saw some cool wildlife through out this National Park including ospreys, echidnas, water birds, a dragon (which i believe to be a jacky dragon) and some pretty flowers including fringe lillies and hyacinth orchids. I will post up a shot or two when I can, unfortunately Im out of time.


~ by adamrose on January 25, 2009.

One Response to “Kiama and Jervis Bay”

  1. Hi Adam. I’m so jealous you’ve been down there while I’m at school teaching kindy (can you believe it? Totally out of my depth…) Your photos are beautiful again. By the way, the beach is called ‘Murrays Beach’, although you probably know that by now. Hopefully your trip went well. I look forward to seeing if it’s as beauiful below the surface as it is above, Bye, Ash

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