Down South Pt 2

Finally I have some time to finish off my trip down South. I’ve had another busy, yet fun two weeks. Lots to organise and lots of work but all in all its good.

Ben (my brother) and I decided to go to Jervis Bay for a quick snorkling trip. As I hope my pictures expressed it is also a beautiful place. We left early in the morning to make the most of the day and had travelled for approximately 2 hours when we found a sign pointing to the Illawarra rainforest and the Illawarra Fly. We quickly changed our plans and figured so what if we lose an hour or so to see this. This hour or so eventually turned into 9 hours or so. That morning there was heavy fog everywhere. We drove through Maquarie Pass NP, which is very cool. The following picture is of a cow (not my typical wildlife subject, but what can you do). This was taken with the 30D, 180mm, f4.5, 1/500.


After a Pie at Robertson’s Pie Shop in Robertson we kept driving until we were lured off the road to Carrington Falls as pictured in the previous post. This part of the world was fantastic. Next we went to Illawarra Fly. Illawarra Fly is a tree top walk and is a great experience. There is a sister operation in the Otways NP which is just as dramatic. This picture is looking down from the highest spire which is 45m above the ground. You can see tree ferns well below. 1ds, 17-40 (17mm), 1/150, f5.6.


After the tree top walk you get your first taste of the temperate rainforest that covers the valleys. I was drawn to the fungus on the side of this log and feel the picture is a good representation of what you see. Light levels are dramatically lower in these rainforests than most places I have been. A typical exposure is over 1 second. This one in particular was taken with the 1ds, 17-40, f10, 1 sec, 200 ISO.


Further down the road you come to the Minnamurra Rainforest Centre. This place offers a very scenic and well kept 1 hour long walk along side a creek. This area shows that you do not need to travel North to find real rainforests. I like this picture as it captures much of what you will see in this area. There are giant birds nest ferns attached to everything, moss and a dense coverage of trees. 1ds, 17-40 (40mm), f11, 1/3 sec.


After this adventure we decided that Jervis Bay was too far and instead happily settled for Kiama. We stayed at Kendle Beach and chilled out for the remainder of the afternoon. The following morning we finally made it into the water for a snorkle and found crabs and a morey eel. We both got up for sunrise that morning and this photo was taken then. 1ds, 17-40 (25mm), f8, 3.2 seconds.


The rest of the morning was taken up with trying different gourmet foods at Berry and then heading home. It was a very full two days but like always certainly worth while. I will soon post some pictures from work. My new job is great and I’m learning a lot.


~ by adamrose on February 9, 2009.

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