My Job

I have had a my photo taken a couple of times in the past week and a half whilst at work. We have found a whole heap of really cool animals and I will continue to add photos as I find more. Highlights for this week include the below picture of a yabbie. The type of which I cannot remember (possibly a Sydney Spiny Crayfish). This photo was taken by my boss Don.


I also have a picture of myself and a blue lined octopus (Haplochlaena fasciata). The blue lined octopus is one of many species of so called blue ringed octopus. The visual differentiation on this species is that instead of rings on the body of the octupus it has stripes. They are very small and difficult to see, but once aroused can display beautiful colours. The blue lined octopus like other members of its family are able to deliver a bite with a potent neurotoxin. I will post more information on blue lined octopi when I get a decent photo. I will add those shots to this post when i get them back.

Here is a photo taken by my coworker Nieve



~ by adamrose on February 11, 2009.

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