Busy Times

Well my life is sufficiently busy at the present. I havent been able to take my camera out for almost the whole of February. Which is a shame because there have been some beautiful skies.  As far as life goes it has been full of wedding and working. Every spare afternoon we are meeting with someone to talk about something, every other moment Ive been working. With the exception of the scuba dive course Im about to do. Tomorrow is the first practical day of my Scuba course. I am doing it with my brother and my mother as well as two other friends. Should be fantastic. A whole new world of exploration awakes. And you never know, perhaps even photography.

To add some interest to the post I will put up a picture I took a little while back, in fact all the way back in mid January. Its one I didnt take much notice of at the time but have since grown to appreciate it. This picture ties in with the scuba in that I hear there is fantastic diving opportunities just under the water off this plateau. Again Long Reef. Taken with the 1ds, 17-40, f7, 3.2 second exposure, ND 400 filter.828v6835 I will try take some photos in the near future. I have been doing a lot of reading about lighting and am investing in some equipment, which will hopefully make an improvement on some of my animal shots and people shot. Til next time.


~ by adamrose on February 28, 2009.

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