I finally got a chance to use my camera today. Not for very long, but better than nothing. I also got to try out my new off camera flash system. This proved extremely difficult by myself with a moving subject. For the photos I took today I had to find a subject set up a flash angle and then get my camera and hope that through out this time the subject hasnt moved. Long story short, I needed my faithful assistant Ben there today. Regarding the skyports they are great. Needed a bit of fiddling but should be fantastic. This photo was taken with the 30d, 180mm, f10, ISO 800, 1/180. The typical light today was flat and dull. This shot was taken with the flash set in line with the log. Ps. I know the pose can use some work, but as I said difficult conditions.


On another note I have now completed my Open water diver. Looks like a new hobby has been born. It was absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend the crew at Abyss Diving enough. Their service was to be seen to be believed. I will be looking at doing my advance course soon for anyone who is interested please email me.



~ by adamrose on March 10, 2009.

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