Whilst approximately a week old and probably yesterday’s news for anyone who knows me, and almost certainly for anyone who reads this post. This is the photo of the goanna I caught at work. For anyone who knows this species you might be aware on goanna terms this is a little baby. But, in saying that, its by far the biggest lizard I’ve caught. I tailed this one whilst he was climbing a tree. The lucky school I was with this day actually had the pleasure of seeing (and catching) numerous lizards of the region including eastern water dragons and leaf tailed geckos.


Now for the educational part. This species of goanna or monitor is actually known as a Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) and can grow to a total length of approximately 2.1m. Whilst young they are fairly skinny but with age they really start bulking up. This species is found along the majority of the eastern coast, stopping around the tropics in Queensland and the lower parts of Victoria. To my readings it comes in as Australia’s second largest lizard behind the perentie.

My next post will be showing some more water dragon shots as I learn to use off camera flash. Whilst still rough Im finding the ability to shape the lighting to my needs absolutely fantastic and am getting shots I previously wouldnt have been able to.


~ by adamrose on March 23, 2009.

One Response to “Goanna!”

  1. so you catch animals for a living. cool. see but i mean this goana thinging right like no offence but its tiny like my friend dared me to like touch this 2 meter big one of that and i did so i think that i am winning this whole i can catc the biggest lizard contest you have going. anyway so i was thinking right like so its my birthday in what 26 hours and 45 minuets and so i was thinking you should post a post / blog or watever it is that you call them and talk about anials and stuff and then like you could just say happy birthday bella at the end and your readers would be like wow i did not see that one coming. anyway so now that settled it would be like facebooking me without the facebook. you i have a lot to say i could start my own blog. anyway lets not get of the topic. its raining do you catch animals in the rain. sorry ok i was about to say have fun at school tomorrow which is what i say to maegan but like you dont’ do school you do excursions. thats awesome. have fun with that. i am going to bed.

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