News and Dragons

Time for another post. Again there isn’t much new to add. A couple of pics and a little news.

News first. I am now well under 3 weeks away from my wedding. Getting exciting. I think its going to be weird when its all over. Such a long build up for a couple of hours. It will fly by Im sure. Most things are sorted now. Couple of little things left. Other news I have been diving again. Its a whole lot of fun. Lot of prep for a seemingly small amount of water time, but realistically I dont know how much more than an hour and a half under water i could deal with. Really cool though, seeing lots of fantastic stuff. My little bro is coming home in under two weeks so Im very excited about catching up with him.

Now as far as pics are concerned, I still havent taken many. These two dragon shots were taken with Benny. Still experimenting with off camera flash. Im now sold on its nescessity. These shots would not have happened without it. I wouldnt have had shutterspeed to capture these, let alone get a picture that Im happy with. I did get a few that I really liked but these were two of the ones that were most different. The first is of a female water dragon. I love the pose. This was taken on the 30d, 180mm, f5.6, ISO 800, off camera flash.


The second is of a male water dragon. This isn’t full size but he is still quite a lizard. I would guess he is comfortably over two foot. I do have a better portrait shot but the reason I like this one is that it has water and reflections in the background giving the odd pattern. Again with the 30d, 180mm, 1/100, f8, iso 800, off camera flash.


The part of these two photos Im most impressed with is that I would not have been able to take either of them without using either direct and harsh flash or at all using no flash. Im still super impressed with the ability of the sensor to work through noise. Either way will post more soon.

ps. Happy Birthday Bella!


~ by adamrose on March 30, 2009.

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