Back from Coffs and 4 Nights Left

I have just got home from a fantastic weekend away. I went diving in the Solitary Islands off the shore of Coffs Harbour. I stayed at a small coastal village called Mulloway and dived through a local company called Divequest ( They were a great group of people and their prices were very good. All of our dives were on North Solitary Island. This area is a marine sanctuary and is full of life. We saw some amazing fish such as clowns, lions, blue tangs, massive cods, huge wobbygongs and tropical fish of all colours. We also saw animals such as turtles, nudibranchs (including the amazing spanish dancers), octopus, mantis and cleaner shrimp, corals and anenomes. Absolutely amazing place, one to which I will surely return (need to see their nurse sharks, pelagics, eagle and manta rays). Unfortunately I dont have an underwater camera…. yet. So no underwater photos and the weather as a little too dicey to take my gear out on the boat. Oh well.

I do however have some photos taken from around the area we stayed. This beach I am assuming is Mulloway Beach. Pretty place, this photo was taken as sunrise. I used a technique I rarely use on this photo and it needs to be redone but anyways. This is a blend of two photos to allow for the massive dynamic range of the scene. One taken at 1/40 and the other at 1/5. Both with the 1ds, 17-400 (@17), mirror lock up.828v8887-combined-shot

The next photo was shot with a moody, grainy black and white film in mind. I didnt have the focal length I desired, as what caught my eye was the clouds and mountains in the background. So instead I had to change my focus to the fisherman. I quite like the final edit. I think it will print nicely. This was taken with 1ds, 17-40 (@39), f8, 1/250, iso 200, grain added. This is Arrawarra Beach, towards the headland.


Now I am down to four nights til my wedding. Crazy stuff. There is lots to do and Im currently procrastinating.


~ by adamrose on April 14, 2009.

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