Honeymoon Day 1: Christchurch

Our first day of our honey moon was at Christchurch. The largest city in South Island, New Zealand. Christchurch is a very warm and friendly city and we spent our first afternoon exploring. Christchurch is full of old and interesting buildings which even I noticed and I am not very interested in buildings.


The Christchurch art centre as pictured above is a great example of these buildings (1ds, 17-40 (23mm) , f6.3, 1/100). I like the clash in this photo an old building in the centre of an area where life goes on. People walk, ride and drive going about their business yet this building stands the way it has for many years. This building was originally the University of Canterbury founded in 1873. It is now a centre for arts, food stands, and a variety of other interesting shops. Included amongst these is a cafe where, in my opinion, the best coffee I tasted in New Zealand is made. This cafe is called Le Cafe. This is a photo of a coffee and hot chocolate we drank their and their handy barister work (Maegan 350d, 17-55).


Outside Le Cafe is a cool courtyard. On the far side is a window which has been filled with travel guide cut outs to look like a stained glass window. I have a black and white and a colour version of this photo and am stuck between which I prefer. (1ds, 17-40, f6.3, 1/60, 400iso). For now I will put up the B&W and will have a play with the colour.


For dinner we went to a local Thai restaurant which served pretty good food. We like the effort put into their display. (30d, 50mm, f1.8, 1/400, 1600iso). For anyone who has guessed, Maegan was cold.


I will also add a “facebook” style photo Maegan took when I can work out where it is. For now its off to bed.


~ by adamrose on May 11, 2009.

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