Honey Moon Day 3: Kaikoura

For day 3 we stayed put in the beautiful town of Kaikoura. The photos have taken a lot longer than normal to edit as I found it increasingly difficult to choose between two scenes in particular. Even now I think I will put two photos of one site up. Our day consisted of waking up early and annoying the seals. This shot is from this shoot, again its worth considering distances. This shot was most likely within 2m. I had another good opportunity for a shot but it is ruined by motion blur as I decided it was better to run! (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/200). (Upon using logic, this was actually shot when we came back the seal colony later this day)


After the seals we had a look around at the Southern side of the headlands. Here we realised for the first time that all the beaches in this area were made of pebbles rather than sand. By pebbles I mean black stones up to 15cm in length. Really strange. They muffle the sound of waves really well until you get close. Then you hear this amazingly relaxing sound like a water fall each time the waves come in. Shame the beach isn’t overly comfortable to sit on. I may add more photos of this side of the beach and of the pebbles but haven’t decided yet. We also did a look out walk which showed the rock platform from above. Very cool! Ps. The header photo was taken on this day as well, but I havent been able to ID the plant yet. Oh well.

We had a great meal of fish and chips for lunch… Finally fish and chips that dont make me feel sick! We ate lunch over the beach and whilst doing so watched clouds come over the Kaikoura mountain range. These clouds made the mountains look really dark, but allowed the sun to hit the water and bring out the beautiful shades of aqua that Kaikoura is reknowned for. One scene I couldnt chose between the B&W and the colour. Both were taken with 1ds, 17-40, f7.1, 1/1600. If you have a preference feel free to let me know. Maegan as usual likes the colour one.



After chilling out for a while (and having a siesta!) we decided to go back and annoy the seals some more. I didn’t get any shots of seals that I’m overly sold on, but I did get some lovely shots of a beautiful girl! (1ds, 17-40, 1/125, f4, gorgeous dusk lighting).


Another cool thing that is found in Kaikoura is the giant Bull Kelp (Durvillaea antarctica). Absolutely massive! I plan to one day return and dive the kelp forests. This species of brown algae has been found to weigh over 70kg. The algae equivelent of roots is called a hold fast and rather than gripping the substrate, it is attatched to the rock by a glue/cement like substance. It appears the kelp uses and internal structure shaped similar to honeycomb to stretch and absorb some of the impact sustained from being belted against rocks. Imagine a forest filled with kelp over 6m long!


My final addition to this day will be another photo of which I had a tough decision choosing. This is a row of rocks along the seal colony. They were lit by gorgeous light and resulted in some very cold and wet feet due to my athletism (or lack their of). (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/125).


Our lovely day was finished with dinner of Paua (abelone) and fish at a small little bbq that is situated near the seal colony. These guys are fantastic and looking back gave me the most enjoyable meal of my time there (at least the next day). Pics to come then. We had fun and its nice to have to decide which shots to put up rather than struggle to have a shot to make the story.

As a little present day info. Some friends and myself booked our advanced dive course and will be off for an adventure to Jervis Bay in mid June. I’m super excited! Wreck diving, deep diving, night diving. Gonna be awesome!


~ by adamrose on May 29, 2009.

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