Honeymoon Day 6: Nelson through Able Tasman and Kaiteriteri

Today we were going to drive through Able Tasman National Park. One of our planned highlights. The day was looking a little gloomy but what the hey. We woke early and began our long drive. Many of the picture perfect, post card beach scenes came from this particular area. We were also planning on having what a go at what would soon become a very elusive kiyak.

Whilst driving up to the beginning of ATNP we decided to stop by the little town of Kaiteriteri recommended by a co-worker at the pool as one of the most beautiful towns of all. I have to agree that this is a lovely little town, unfortunately the weather didn’t. We figured we be coming back here later on and perhaps get a chance to shoot the crystal blue water and bright sandy beaches. Onwards we drove. We reached the information booth and after much confusion, swearing and driving in circles realised that point is the highest we could go and all these special places we wanted to visit were out of our reach. The map showed the 3 day hike path but made it look like the road. Should have done our homework. We went for a small walk and ended up running back to the car as the rains came.

Back to Kaiteriteri. By now the weather had cleared enough to take some shots. Whilst these won’t make post cards they do show how pretty this little area is. (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/400).


On our drive home we realised one of the local attractions was not far away and we decided to try get a photo of it. Split Apple Rock is located just below Kaiteriteri. It is a large, round rock that is split in half. A very popular destination for kiyaking. I had a choice between a panarama that Ben preferred and this shot. I chose this as I like the way the light is shining round the headland and hitting the rock. (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/200)


With a little disappointment we headed home. You can’t win them all. Oh well tomorrow is another day and the famed west coast drive is coming up.


~ by adamrose on June 5, 2009.

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