Diving the Steps

I finally had the opportunity to dive a location called “The Steps” at Kurnell. I dived with my boss and my mother. We had two great dives. This time I had the opportunity to do some underwater photography and whilst I have a lot to learn I had a lot of fun. This is a photo of a nudibranch which I believe is a member of the chromodoris sp. I am currently trying to work out which species it is. Either way gorgeous. Ps. After searching through the reference material I have I believe this species is a Chromodoris splendida.


As well is an unidentified fish. It looks like a red indian fish or a paper fish. Again I will continue to try work it out. Regardless its camoflage is amazing. NB. After emailing the photo to Abyss dive centre they have sent back an identification that I agree with being the Velvetfish Aploactisoma milesii. Thanks Rach!


PIC_0078Whilst my underwater photography certainly has a long was to go. It was very enjoyable being able to show some of the unique wildlife found in Sydney’s area. Thanks Mum, Don and Abyss for a great dive! And for anyone who is coming on the trip get pumped its gonna be awesome!


~ by adamrose on June 10, 2009.

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