Honeymoon Day 11: Wanaka to Queenstown

Sorry for the long delay, I have been very busy and a little bored of editing photos from a long time ago. Good news is they are almost done, with only 1 day left. The next day in the series was a pretty average day. Weather was terrible and it mainly consisted of a lot of driving. We left Wanaka early in the morning and took a couple of photos before we left. The stand out concept was bright poplars adding great autumn colour to the lake. It would have been lovely to see them with all their leaves. (Canon 30d, 100-400, f8, 1/125)


The rest of the days drive whilst through a lovely country side was covered in low hanging clouds or heavy rain. Not the best weather for photos. We arrived at Queenstown near dusk and found it quite cold. We decided to take some lake photos, just opposite our hotel. Again there were lots of bright autumn colours. It was also very cold. This shot is of Maegan, she doesnt really like this shot but i do. (Canon 1ds, 17-40, f5, 1/100).


Over the next couple of days I will try and sort out all of the photos and finally take some more.


~ by adamrose on July 15, 2009.

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