Some diving shots

These are two quick shots taken whilst diving earlier this winter. Ben and myself had the opportunity to get a free gear rental and decided that it would be wrong of us not to use it to the full extent. We decided if we used it on a day with a night dive we could fit in four dives. Anyone who has dived will know what an effort this would be. Despite the lack of exercise you’d think you do on a dive you are stuffed afterwards. Anyways these were taken with a sea and sea camera and housing and they do are of fairly average quality but interesting none the less.


Ceratosoma amonea


Hypselodoris bennetti

Our four dives consisted of Oak Park, Oak Park to Bass and Flinders drift, Shark Island Circumnavigate and our first night dive at my favourite location Ship Rock. Awesome day. We have another planned for sunday and I have my camera and Neville Coleman encyclopedia waiting.


~ by adamrose on September 17, 2009.

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