McCarr’s Creek – Native Rose

McCarrs Creek area in the Ku Ring Gai Chase NP is a fantastic area to see wild flowers at this time of the year. One of the most prevalent is the Boronia species. Boronia was name in memory of Francis Borone, a personal attendant to a botonist called Dr. Sidthorp. Borone to aid the doctor attempted to collect a rare plant in Athens that grows in precarious places and unfortunately slipped and was killed.


Boronia was one of the first flowers to come out this spring and I feel they are one of the prettiest plants around. This photo (1ds, 17-40, f4, 1/250) is of a particular species which name is dear to me, the Native Rose, Boronia serrulata. The Native Rose is so named as its terminal flowers somewhat resemble that of a rose…. well kind of. There is a lot to like about this plant. Its flowers are a brilliant pink, its leaves clasp the stem and are diamond shaped. Close up shot detail (30d, 180mm, f11, 1/30, 800 ISO).


This isnt a particularly common plant and I have only found it a couple of times, both around the West Head region and near large outcroppings of sandstone as shown above. Again this species was pointed out by Don Miles. I still feel there is a better way to shoot this species which I have yet to work out. Ill have to try again, next time unhindered by the rain.


~ by adamrose on September 21, 2009.

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