Mt Banks – Orchids

We had a very lucky trip at Mt Banks. Not only was the weather and wildlife great but we managed to find three orchids. The three we found were Caladenia carnea, Phasophyllum elatum and Thelymitra carnea. I will only post a picture of 2/3 as I posted recently about P. elatum (although I did manage to get some nice shots of them with Mt Banks in the background).


The above photo is of Thelymitra carnea, the Pink Sun Orchid (30d, 180mm, f11, 1/125, fill flash). After reading the description it turns out Iwas very lucky to get my shot as these flowers are more often than not closed. Sun orchids tend to only open up on hot days and even then only at certain parts of the day.



This photo is of Caladenia carnea , pink finger orchid (30d, 180mm, f6.3, 1/160, fill flash). Caladenia orchids are terrestial orchids that are fertilised by bees or flies. They have a mechanism that essentially traps the fly or bee making them struggle which results in the pollen being transferred to the stigma. There is also a white variety (C. catenata) flowering at the moment of which I plan to get some shots soon.

When working at Garigal NP I found some bearded orchids and a few other odds and ends that I will try and get a shot of soon. Next up will be the lizards of our trip.


~ by adamrose on September 24, 2009.

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