Mt Banks and Cattai NP – Dragons

We were lucky in that a quick outing to Cattai NP proved worthwhile with spotting two Eastern Bearded Dragons (Pogona barbata). Bearded dragons are famous through out the world for their cool displays and within captivity placid nature. Bearded dragons eat pretty much anything they come across and this species can grow up to 25cm from the head to the beginning of the tail. We were lucky enough to get time to shoot one of the two dragons before leaving the park. (1ds, 17-40, f13, 1/250, external fill flash). This picture shows the typical habitat and behaviour of the dragon. It also shows the beard (though at rest). Once agitated these lizards will flatten themselves out and expand their beard.


The second dragon species was one of the species we aimed to find and half the reason we head to mount banks. Rankinia diemensis or the mountain heath dragon grows to 82mm from head to beginning of the tail. I have more information on this species in a previous post from Mt Banks. (30D, 180mm, f8, 1/640, fill flash)


This will be my final post from Mt Banks. I did get a few other shots Im happy with but enough that is enough posts for one day of shooting. And thank you for the people who take the time to read my posts and look at my photo, it was only the other day I realised my mum wasn’t the only person. Cheers!


~ by adamrose on September 25, 2009.

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