Port Stephens – Hawks Nest

The next and final leg of journey brought us to an old haunt of Maeg’s and I; Hawks Nest. Again we were rushed with threats of an incoming storm although the day looked okay. Upon arriving in Hawks Nest we took a wrong turn and ended up at a bunch of sand dunes near the Jacaaba Headland. We decided that if we got any where near a good sunset this would certainly be the place to go.


The above photo was one that I liked for many reasons (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/400). It has nice tones and shows the storm that was coming in. In the background you can see Nelsons Bay. This shot amazes me at the ability of the 1ds. This camera was originally release in December 2002 (in terms of digital cameras a dinosaur). The scene above was taken with the image deliberately slightly underexposed, but even with the difficulty of the exposure didnt lose any details in either the highlights or the shadows.


The above photo is of Yacaaba Headland and the incoming storm (1ds, 17-40, f13, 1/4) (I also swapped photos as I felt this one fit better with the flow rather than the pano). It really was an intimidating scene when you plan to sleep in a tent 400m away. The storm winds were huge this evening and were relentless. I thought it would all pass within an hour yet it blew all the way through the night and into the next day. With this thought in mind we wrapped up our trip and headed home. One last picture for the road (and probably my favourite for the trip). Yacaaba Headland, incoming storm, evening sun, long exposure (1ds, 17-40, f13, 30 sec, NDx400)


Im not sure where the next adventure will be from but I will post it when I do.


~ by adamrose on October 10, 2009.

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