The Hunter Valley

Recently my brother, a couple of friends and I attempted a dive trip… hmmm rather large failure. The world wasnt with us and through up rain and winds that essentially canned all our plans. Rather than dwelling on the disappointing aspects of our trip I will start from the beginning and show some pictures of the adventures we had.


Our first stop was to be the Hunter Valley (well except for a terrible cafe near Newcastle that took 45 mins to give us average coffee). The aim of the Hunter stop was to taste some of wines from this famous region. As can be expect when travelling with either Ben or myself we never quite get to places as fast as we’d like and with impending foul weather couldn’t spend the time we wanted in the Hunter we only went to three locations; Ernest Hill Winery, Tempus Two Winery and the Boutique Wine Centre. Ben is pictured above at Ernest Hill Winery tasting one of their reds (1ds, 17-40, f4, 1/200, iso 1250). We thought their whites were particularly good and I came away with one of the last two bottles of Gwurtztraminer (Ben got the other one) which I thought was fantastic. Dom found out his passion for wine lies with desert wines with both him and Pip buying at least a bottle.

Our next stop was short and over all unpleasant due to a lazy and unenthusiastic attendant, so we’ll skip to Tempus Two. Tempest Two was far larger and had a fantastic selection of wines with stand outs for me their Gwurtztraminer, Rose’ and the GSM. The cool thing about this place was that right next to them is the Smelly Cheese Shop. Lots of fun. Its a big deli with lots of cheese, crackers, chocolate and jams. Ben and myself explored the cheese fridge and ended up buying a pink cheese (literally) and Red Leiceste. This picture shows is of the cheese fridge (1ds, 17-40, f4, 1/250, iso 1250).


We had a lot of fun and afterwards left towards Nelsons Bay in Port Stephens. For anyone interested in the wineries. Ernest Hill and Tempus Two


~ by adamrose on October 10, 2009.

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