Crosslands Reserve – Galston

Ben and myself recently did a day trip that began in Crosslands at Galston, headed through Cattai, up to Mount Banks area, over to Mt Victoria falls, around to Govetts Leap and eventuating in Leura. This was a huge day.

Our first stop was Crosslands. At the end of Crosslands Rd, Galston, is a small amount of accessable bushland before you go into the sectioned of scout camp. This ridge top offers a great look out and was the first place I found the flying duck orchid. It was this orchid that I came back for. Whilst we did find the ducks we also found a new orchid for Ben and myself. The Birds Beak Orchid, Orthoceras strictum. This species is entirely self pollinating and has been described of “by no means an attractive species- there is nothing in either colour or structure to please the eye”. I’m not sure I agree, but you can be your own judge. (30d, 180mm, 1/80, f8, 1/400, reflected light).


Also along this walk we stumbled across a species of flowers which I have always loved (and had trouble shooting). Thysanotus tuberosus, the fringe lily is one of the most delicate flowers you will ever see. It apparently has edible tubers. Either way I am happy just looking at it. (30d, 180mm, f16, 1/60th, 800iso, reflected light).

The next step of the journey is Cattai. To leave this post is a quick pic of the flying duck orchid. I think I have better shots of this flower already but I am happy with some I got on Sunday. (30d, 180mm, f14, 1/100, iso 400).


~ by adamrose on November 20, 2009.

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