Honeymoon Bay Trip – Sugar Glider

Finally Ive had a chance to use my cameras. On Friday afternoon last week I headed down South the to the Northern side of Jervis Bay. For anyone unaware Jervis Bay is one of the most picturesque places in NSW. Perfect white beaches, blue water etc. You would certainly expect good photos down there. I unfortunately/fortunately didnt a get a chance to shoot the beach much as the majority of the time I was there I was in the water. I did however get the chance to view one of the cutest animals in a way that not many people do. After arriving after 10:00pm and a full day of work Don, Connie and myself were quite tired and relaxed around the camp table. Whilst sitting there we noticed something run past and stop. Right next to approximately 10 people was a little sugar glider.

Petaurus breviceps, the sugar glider, is a small marsupial that can glide using flaps of skin linking the fore and hind legs. Sugar gliders have been known to glide over 100ms in the right conditions. They feed on nectar, insects and fruits. Sugar gliders can grow to approximately 40cm and weigh about 150g. They are extremely timid and seeing one like we did, searching around our camp site for food. Whilst perhaps not a positive thing under a strictly biological sense enabled 12 people or so to experience the beauty of one of Australias creatures. The above picture (30d, 60mm, f6.3, flash) was taken approximately a metre away from our camping table. I will post some other photos as I process them.


~ by adamrose on March 4, 2010.

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