Yet again up the Mountains

Ben and myself made yet another journey up the mountains. Again we headed up the Bells Line of Road way and this time skipped Mount Banks. Instead we went to a magical place called Pierce’s Pass. We walked out onto a Peninsula and to a little spot I love to sit. On all sides are impressive drops and amazing sandstone walls. This picture is looking directly out from the sitting area (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/320). I love this wilderness of this area. I feel free sitting atop of this special place.

The second shot (30d, 180mm, f8, 1/80, 400iso) is of an orchid found around the car park of this area. Parson’s Band, Eriochilus autumnalis,  is an example of a small genus of 6 species, all endemic to Australia. They are pollinated by bees. This is not the best photo as the wind was very chaotic at this point in time.

Again we went home via Leura and stopped at the cellars (downstairs is amazing) and the cafe, Fresh, as well as the bakery. Fantastic place.


~ by adamrose on March 29, 2010.

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