During the Easter holidays a couple of friends and myself made the journey north to dive the Solitary Islands. Whilst diving was the main aim (of which you can read on the dive blog) we went to a couple of fantastic places along the way. Woolgoolga was our base for diving. Situated of the mid North Coast approximately 20km North of Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga, is famous for its Sikh population. The Sikh population migrated here to work on Banana farms and eventually ended up been awarded a lot of land and now most of the banana plantations are actually owned by the Sikh community. The name Woolgoolga came from the Aborinal word “Weelgoolga” and was their descriptive word for the area. We camped next to a small water way and a beach at a fantastic little caravan park. The following picture shows the view approximately 100m from where we camped. (1ds, 17-40, f9, 1/5sec).

Our time here was fairly limited due to diving. The only time which I basically got to shoot was the early morning and the evening. One shot I had been waiting for happened on the second morning. There is a fantastic bunch of Melaleuca in front of the water way that when hit by morning light I thought would look great. (1ds, 17-40, f10, 1/40)

Another point of interest is the incredible flying fox colony right outside the caravan park (this was a cool caravan park). These one in particular are the Grey-headed flying-fox Pteropus poliocephalis. They are Australia’s largest bat and their distribution runs from the lower end of QLD down to the bottom of VIC. Unfortunately in other countries many flying fox species are being decimated as they are considered a delicacy. In Australia they have their own problems with farmers and nearby people killing off local populations to protect fruit or reduce the noise levels. They are an amazing species and unfortunately I didnt get any good photos. I will put one in just to show how cool they look. (30d, 180mm, f8, 1/150, iso 400).

The final picture I will post is a one that  I dont mind, but a lot of people seem to like. This was an early morning sunrise, the incoming waves leaving a nice reflection. (1ds, 17-40, f5.6?, 15 secs)


~ by adamrose on April 18, 2010.

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  1. awesum pictures darlin

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