Nymboi-Binderay NP

Stop two on our journey was at Platypus Flats camping ground in the Nymboi-Binderay NP. This lovely little site is located on the Nymboida River and is famous for its healthy population of Platypus, our target in coming here. We only had one afternoon and morning here and were hoping to see as much as possible. After setting up our tents we had a very quick walk and were extremely lucky to come across Hypsilurus spinipes, the Southern Angle Headed Dragon. (30d, 180mm, f5, 1/160, iso 1600).

This species is one Ive been wanting to see for a very long time. I find it one of the prettiest species of dragon and as its one of the only two “rainforest dragons” quite special. This specimen is full size (110mm nose to base of tail) and is typical of the highly cryptic colouration. Don was quick enough to catch this dragon after we took some photos. A lovely species. The following evening was spent in between a snorkle with local long finned eels and chilly water looking for crayfish and other inhabitants and watching the banks for platypus unsuccessfully. We had yet another lovely dinner and awake to sunrise. (1ds, 17-40mm, f9, 1/10)

Again we watched the banks for Platypus, though this time with more success. Whilst it was too dark to get any decent photos we did get to watch them play and eat in the water from a distance. A great way to spend the early hours of the morning before enjoying Conny’s mexican breakfast. Absolutely fantastic!

Ps. Ive noticed with these two shots a drop in colour and feel with the jpeg process. I am unsure why.


~ by adamrose on April 22, 2010.

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