Dorrigo NP

Our trip home included a stop in Bellingen and the fantastic Dorrigo NP. Dorrigo NP is one of Australia’s most accessable world heritage area. We arrived at the Rainforest centre and had a lovely view out over the rainforest. (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/250th)

Along the walkway we saw lots of scrub turkeys and other birdlife. Parts of this region have been logged but the area we walked through looks like old forest and has a very wonderful earthly smell. There was some fantastic fungi all over the breaking down plant material. Ben and myself had lots of fun taking photos of the many different types and colours. (30d, 180mm, f8, 1/100, iso 1600, off camera fill).

Our final stop was at a little beach South of Port Macquarie, and rather than take photos we just relaxed, laughed and thought about some of the amazing adventures and encounters we have had over the previous week.

ps. Somewhere through these posts something has gone wrong with my exporting of photos as they are coming out dull.


~ by adamrose on April 24, 2010.

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