Terry Hills – Diamond Python

Auseco, the company I work with, have been minding a diamond python for a couple weeks and today was the day to release it into the wild. To keep memory of this wonderful creature and as a good way to get a some snake shots we decided to shoot its release. This shot was was one of my final shots before “Vaughn” snuck under a crack in the sandstone and disappeared on his journey. (30d, 180mm, f9, 1/100, 800iso).

Diamond Pythons, Morelia spilota spilota, are a colour varient of carpet pythons. Carpet pythons have a large range spreading over most of Eastern Australia and the South and North Western corners of Western Australia. In fact, together carpet pythons inhabit the most diverse habitats of any Australian python, though some of the varients are threatened species. This species can grow up to 2.5m and can be fairly solid snakes. The one photographed above would be slightly more than a 1m in length. A large python will take possums, fruitbats and native rats for meals using constriction rather than venom to subdue their prey. The diamond python is yet another species that unfortunately shares a love for the temperate, coastal environment that humans tend towards, thus, habitat loss is a primary concern to the species.


~ by adamrose on April 28, 2010.

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