The Elms – Blackheath

A weekend or two ago Maegan, myself and a bunch of other people made our way to a lovely house in Blackheath, named “The Elms”. “The Elms” is one of Don’s long time holiday destinations and we were excited to be invited to join in the fun. “The Elms” is a circa 1880 house over looking the with views over the Gross Valley. This house had enough room for 10 people to spread out or group together. Heading up on Friday night would give us two nights and two half days. The picture below shows the house early on the Saturday morning. (1ds, 17-40, f13, 1/80).

We had numerous highlights on this trip from the brilliant cooking of P and H, the wonderful wine brought by everyone, the fantastic banter around the house and the company of my lovely wife. This final photo was taken when Maegan and I went for an early morning walk (1ds, 17-40, f13, 1/2) and was just a little down the road towards Pulpit Rock.

The next post will be of a walk we all did down the Valley of the Waters.


~ by adamrose on July 8, 2010.

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