October Orchids – Beard Orchids

The final post with orchids in October is of the Calochilus orchids. When taking photos of these orchids with my colleague Don, he realised that there were actually two different species in the area. Upon close observation there are many differences between the two.

The first, pictured above, Calochilus campestris or the copper beard orchid (picture above) is charactorised by the purple plates on the labellum (30d, 180mm, f. Calochilus paludosus (pictured below), I believe is the second species. This species closely resembles Calochilus robertsonii and I would need to see photos of both to be more sure of the identification.

The previous posts have taken a while to be added to the site as diving and work commitments have been huge at the present.


~ by adamrose on November 1, 2010.

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