October Orchids – Sun and Tiger

These are two of the recent flowering orchids. I took photos of this species of orchid last year in Garigal and searched the same area to come up with the following photo. (30d, 180mm, f8, 1/500th) Information regarding this species Diuris sulphurea can be found earlier in the blog.

The second species is a type of Sun Orchid. I believe this one in particular to be Thelymitre media based on flowering time. This was a species that evaded me last year. I was fortunate enough to see it bloom but by the time I came back to take photos it had folded up. This specimen was found at Camp Kedron which surprised us we haven’t seen it before. Thelymitre orchids are pollinated by native bees or by self pollination. The self pollinating species remained closed except on really hot or humid days. The fact we have missed this flower in the past suggests it may be a self pollinating variety. (D300, 28-105, f11, 1/160)

There are many orchid shots to come.


~ by adamrose on November 1, 2010.

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