Another Two Days at the Office

As can easily be discurned by my lack of posts life has been busy of late. Whilst I have seen and done some cool things I have had very little of a chance to post or even take many photos. I will pop up some interesting finds or events of the work term. The first was from early in the year on a new site at Cattai Creek. I like this simple photo as it attempts to show the beauty of the bark of the Scribbly Gum (E. sclerophylla). This varient is different from the one found around the Sydney basin, but has many similar charactoristics. The markings are left by moth larvae. (Photo taken, 07/02/2011, S95, f5.6, 1/60th).

The second photo is of a magnificant find by the boss, Don. Whilst teaching an over night excursion with a fantastic school group from St Scholasticas, Don came across a species of gecko unfamiliar to us. The thick tailed gecko, Underwoodisaurus millii, is found across a large region of area ranging to lower QLD, most of NSW, and temperate areas across the rest of Australia. Whilst to us hard to find, within areas with an established populations the species is quite abundant. They eat insects and other small geckos. The colouration of these guys is fantastic and once released back onto a a lichen covered rock they are very hard to see. (30d, 180mm, f13, 1/800th, iso 800, off camera flash).

We have had many cool encounters at Auseco this term. Such is my working life =]


~ by adamrose on April 7, 2011.

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