Broken Head – Byron Bay

April came time for my annual trip north to Coffs for diving. I took a lot less photographs this time, as least above the water. Our first stop were at our friends Chris and Uta’s house behind Port Macquarie. They have a lovely little farm on which we sat an enjoyed a fantastic dinner and a few lovely wines. The highlight of the dinner were the fantastic figs wrapped in proscutto and cooked with gorgonzola. Perfect. Pictured below was the spot we sat and watched the sun go down drinking a couple of good wines (1ds, 17-40, f8, 1/8). The best wine from memory was the Shiraz Tannat from the Hunter.

Moving North the next day we headed up to Byron Bay. We stayed at a lovely caravan park at Broken Head just south of Coffs. The caravan park was at the Southern end of a large stretch of beach with the Byron Bay light house at the northern end. You can see it in the tip of this picture below. This shot was taken at sunrise when the first rays begin to touch the land. (1ds, 17-40, f8, 25secs)

After our second dive up in Coffs at Julian Rocks we headed up to Mount Warning. Mount Warning is a fantastic peak with beautiful sub tropical rainforests surrounding its base. Below is a picture of the some of the buttressed routes you will see at the beginning of this walk (1ds, 17-40, f4, 1/40, iso 400). I love the way they tangle around the rock, I would suggest that this is a fig, but I cannot remember. I felt black and white works better to show of the intricate root structure. This walk was tough but fantastic. We only had a view of the clouds at the top.

On the way back we passed Nimbin which is a pretty cool yet to me unliveable town. Had a very nice laksa. Soon after we head South down to Woolgoolga. Meeting up with Ben and Pip make this a special trip. Been a long time since Ive seen Pip. Here we were to dive some more, in some of the most amazing sites I know. Love this place.

Our stay at Woolgoolga was special. The weather final lifted us and we had sun. This photo above shows the signs of a coming sun early in the morning. We had a heap of fun here, lots of good wines including Bourgogne, Otago Pinots, Nebbiolos from Australia and Itali. Tough life this camping!


~ by adamrose on May 2, 2011.

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  1. All so beautiful!!

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