My name is Adam Rose. I live in Hornsby with my beautiful fiancee. I am currently working as a teacher and gymnastics coach. My passions are Australia, wildlife and photography (best of all a combination of all of them). I love takening photos of landscapes, native orchids, and wildlife, especially frogs and reptiles. For photography I use Canon and my kit currently consists of a 30d, 1ds, 300v, 180/3.5 and a 17-40/4.

This site was designed as a way that I can show friends and family what Im up to, and show recent photos of adventures Ive had. I hope you enjoy the site.



One Response to “About”

  1. Well Adam I have looked through all your photos now and don’t you ever put the camera down. Absolutely fantastic and you can see the what a beautiful eye you have for landscape especially. I wish I had the time to enjoy such a wonderful medium myself maybe oneday post child, so enjoy this time to you have free to work on your craft. Now I can see why you enjoy your job so much. I think next time I want a weekend away I’ll be contacting you and Maegan for places to go. Having been in the South Island of New Zealand my self the light their is beautiful for photography and geographically it is a beautiful country. Keep enjoying your wonderful journey. Priscilla

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